The Parish Council's financial year is from 1st April to 31st March. It sets a Budget at the January Parish Council meeting for the following financial year, and this is used to determine and set the Parish Precept.

The accounts are auditted both internally and externally.  The Internal Audit is conducted by a suitably qualified person in April on the full years accounts who has no other business with the Parish Council. The External Audit is conducted by  PKF Littlejohn LLP  who have been appointed by the Audit Commission to examine the Accounts and Annual Return. The Parish Council is required to report on its activities during the preceeding year by preparing and submitting the Annual Return. It is required to prepare a set of accounts and report on any significant differences from one year to the next.

The formal notices of Electors Rights  are available for viewing as a pdf file.

Audit 2021  Notice of Electors Rights

The Budgets, Accounts, and Annual Returns for recent years are available for viewing below as pdf files.